Design it Yourself Sterling Silver Bracelets, Beads, Spacers & Clips

Create a personal story with Design-it-Yourself 100% 925 Sterling Silver bracelets...Exquisite quality ...Detailed craftsmanship
Choose from various designer bracelet styles...Transform your bracelet from daytime to evening by interchanging any of our sterling silver slide-on charms. Depending on the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length, and how you want your Pandora style bracelet to fit, you can typically fit 17 to 22 charms.which also includes two clips and any spacers you pick. I you add a safety chain, this will take up the space of two charms. 
It's easy to start designing your bracelet...
  - First - select a bracelet design and best size for your wrist.      
  - Second - add a safety chain to compliment your bracelet.        
    - Third - select one or several charms to design your bracelet.    
    - Fourth - add spacers between charms for color and variation.  
         - Fifth - add two clips on each end of the beads to secure in place.
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