NOW 45% OFF Quick Install Mesh Doorway / Room Divider - 3 Sizes Available

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A quick and easy way to discretely keep your pets safe and in a single space, the Quick Install Mesh Gate fits anywhere in your home or office. And it's durable to 100 pounds. It works best with small and medium size pets.
To use simply insert the metal rods at the ends of the mesh screen, attach the sticky hooks to a wall or doorway frame, and hang. Set includes mesh fabric gate, two stretchable poles and four sticky hooks.
  * Lightweight and portable
  * Available in black or beige and in three sizes
  * Made from durable see-through woven mesh fabric
  * Perfect for doorways, between halls or on stairs.
  * Use inside or outside
  * No tools required
Easy to follow instructions:
1) Unfold the mesh fabric ( you may need to warm the fabric in the dryer or with an iron for a few minutes to eliminate the creases from shipping)
2) Open/expand the two metal poles to full length
3) Insert poles into the the pockets/pole tunnels located on each side of the mesh screen. Roll the mesh to fit the width of your doorway.
4) Attach the four sticky hooks to the top and bottom positions where you wish to hang the gate making sure the mesh gate is fairly taught
5) Hang the fabric loop on each hook
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