Sterling Silver Crystal Eternity Spacer Charms - Available in 7 Colors

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Add a sparkling look of your DIY style bracelet - add sterling silver crystal eternity spacers between each charm. There are seven colors available in this collection. If you've always admired Pandora, you'll love our charms!
- Use a single bead, add several of the same bead to create a designer look, or add different beads for a one of a kind sterling silver bracelet.
- Hole size: 0.18 inches (4.5mm) Fits Pandora and other compatible bracelet
Each of our spacers count as a charm when designing your bracelet. Depending on the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length, and how you want your Pandora style bracelet to fit, you can typically fit 17 to 22 charms. This number includes two clips and any spacers you pick. In addition, if you choose to add a safety chain, this will take up the space of two charms.
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